Books On Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is your responsibility! Releasing negativity from your life is also your responsibility! I invite positive energy into my world to clear my thoughts; and, once I have my understanding I forgive myself and am free.

Falling Out: A Memoir: Saving a Life Should Be More Fun! is a book about bringing positive energy into your life, embracing forgiveness, and honoring your goodness. Forgiveness Guru Kenyon Aubin Oster chronicles his struggles with anger, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, mental illness and many other obstacles in his personal journey. This book is not only a memoir, but a personal self-help book, and guide for improving your own way of life. Everyone goes through hardships, but not everyone is able to rise above them. Let this memoir inspire you to honor your goodness, and rise above life's challenges.

Thoughts On Forgiveness

But, then again, so is falling apart. Forgiveness freed me. It’s why I went on my journey, looking for a good enough reason to forgive my friend who sued me after I saved her life. She destroyed me. She left me with permanent brain damage that made picking up the pieces of my life and rebuilding myself almost impossible. I relieved the negativity of never wanting to forgive her every day until I found my power in forgiveness! I had to forgive myself for never wanting to forgive her, because holding on to all that negativity isn’t for us. Everything about us is love. We’re not made for negativity! Everybody deserves forgiveness. It’s closure for me. It’s an agreement with myself that I’m ready to release the negativity, learn the lesson and move forward to a new level of understanding and awareness!
I had to forgive myself for holding on to the shame of how saving my friend’s life had impacted my own. Shame’s the worst!