Books About Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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Forgiveness Guru Kenyon Aubin Oster lives with PTSD every day of his life after saving a friend's life which left him with permanent brain damage. For the rest of his life he’s going to feel like he’s losing his mind at any given moment which translates into his life being a never-ending crazed, panic attack. There are some days when the dread of leaving his home, of having to face the shit-his-pants-panic that awaits him, turns him into an agoraphobic mess. Saving his friend’s life sometimes covers him in shame. His PTSD is absolutely crippling at times, but he gives himself the courage to face it and embrace it by inviting positive energy into his life, forgiving himself for being a selfless human being who saved a life and for simply being a human being who struggles to change his life. Millions of Americans live struggle with PTSD and Kenyon Oster is one of them. Everything that has happened in his life has brought him to this point to share his journey with others who struggle so that they know that they are not alone, that everything about them is love and that they will survive their ordeals. Order your copy of Falling Out: A Memoir: Saving a Life Should be More Fun! today, or read the first chapter below!

Falling Out: A Memoir: Saving a Life Should Be More Fun! is Forgiveness Guru Kenyon Aubin Oster’s journey to forgiveness through PTSD and mental illness. He chronicles his journey through personal tragedy, betrayal, and his own depression, and what he did when there was nowhere else to go. Oster's path to rebuild his life might help others who suffer from depression by giving them a different perception. We all need encouragement to tame our demons and rise above negativity, while keeping an open mind and embracing love and forgiveness. Order your copy today!