Revenge is fun, right? They do it in books and on TV shows and in movies and comic books. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and revenge is best served cold, and all of the hoopla surrounding revenge is really just a reason to not forgive. For me, there simply wasn’t a good enough reason to forgive my friend. She sued me after I almost died saving her life and left me with permanent brain damage. Wanting revenge had me holding on to negativity and that isn’t a good look for anyone. Our hearts aren’t meant to hold on to negativity. My need for revenge was camouflaged by wanting justice, but it blinded me from what I needed to see, stunted my emotional growth, forced me to sit with the negativity for too long and stopped me from being able to ever trust anyone completely again. When I forgave myself for wanting revenge and for being lost and not knowing how to survive any of the obstacles life had thrown at me, I made an agreement with myself that I was ready to release the negativity and move beyond it. Don’t forgive and forget. Forgive and learn the lesson. Forgive and reach a new level of awareness that allows you to become more present with yourself. The more present I am with me, the more I understand when other people aren’t present with me.

Wanting revenge only kept me marinating in negativity. When I found forgiveness I had no need for revenge. I let the rage and all the negativity go and freed myself.

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