Modern Day Hemingway

Readers have said that I’m a modern-day Hemingway and the love child of David Sedaris and Richard Price; and, I’m so thankful that people love my writing. People have always encouraged me to tell my story, to write a memoir. Falling out of the closet into an impossible recovery with permanent brain damage at a time when my adult life was just beginning was the biggest challenge I've ever faced. The doctors, and most of my therapists, took away any hope I had of ever having a normal life, but there were two speech therapists at Ochsner Hospital who believed in me. They planted a seed of hope, and I didn’t really pay attention to what the other experts had to say because they didn’t believe in me. Even though I had those two people who believed in me, I was still lost. I had no idea how I was going to put myself back together, but I knew that I was going to do it, and having the courage to go on my journey has been everything!

Living with mental illness has kicked my ass, but my resilience to always have the courage to come back stronger and fiercer to fight it, to find my something wonderful has kept me in the game, looking for my voice. My next book will deal with similar themes along with rising above the shame of being sexually abused as a child and forgiveness and being disconnected from memories. I'm here in this world to talk about forgiveness, mental illness and love. Mostly, though, I’m here to talk about love because it’s the next level of awareness! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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