Deepak Chopra Inspiration

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“You are sparkly!” It’s what Deepak Chopra told me one night at a time in my life when I needed to hear it the most. I wasn’t sitting with him or having a conversation, but it was everything I needed to push me forward along my journey and help me reconnect with my power and my purpose.

Something wonderful is going to happen, is the phrase I use to summon positive energy into my world. It restores my faith in humanity, gives me hope, calms the crazy boiling inside of me, centers me, changes my perception of my life falling apart around me into a beautiful landscape that I can navigate, prepares me for something wonderful and challenges life to give me something wonderful. But then I hit a wall and the day-to-day of my life felt hopeless. It was all shame and struggle and it sucked all the positive energy out of me. I gave up. I didn’t realize that positive energy was and is and always had been a self-fulfilling prophecy, so when I stopped believing in it I stopped believing in myself! But, and is was sneaky, something wonderful was happening! Losing my mind at any given moment for the rest of my life, started to make me feel like I was never going to win. I wasn’t surrounding myself with people who understood my positive energy, so I wasn’t ever in a place where I was affirmed which is part of the reason why I allowed all the negativity to overwhelm me and I lost everything and became homeless. Well, I lost everything except what was most important. I didn’t lose me. I was working as a waiter when I met Deepak Chopra and before that moment, night after night my energy was praised and literally applauded by people. I’d tell people about the night’s specials and they’d applaud me. It was amazing. I’d stopped believing in me and positive energy, but people kept reminding me in the most spectacular ways that all they saw when they saw me was positive energy.

Something wonderful is going to happen, I started saying it to myself again. I started believing it again, too. I left work that night after meeting Deepak Chopra, snuck back into my office where I was living and reconnected with the part of myself that everyone kept seeing, and began writing until I found a good enough reason to forgive my friend: honor my goodness. I forgave myself for not wanting to forgive, for wanting revenge and holding on to negativity, and I freed myself. It was a life-changing moment that I experienced because I wanted a happy ending, because I found the courage to go on my journey and because I believed something wonderful is going to happen!

Positive energy helped save my life! It gave me the courage to walk through this life that feels like its falling apart with every step I take. It gave me faith to keep moving forward and it gave me something to believe in! Feeling trapped by life? Find your power! Claim your positive energy! It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy!