Books About Depression

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For the rest of my life I'm going to feel like I'm losing my mind at any given moment.

Because I saved my friend’s life, I'm one of the millions of Americans who live with mental illness. It’s a terrifying existence. Trapped inside myself without my voice, I had to learn how to navigate the internal craziness like a boss. If I’d listened to the experts my life was over, but I was nineteen-years-old and I had no intention of giving up, so when I found my voice and started saying, Something Wonderful is Going to Happen, to summon positive energy to calm the crazy boiling inside of me, center me, change my perception of my life falling apart around me into a beautiful landscape that I can navigate it was exactly what I needed to push me along my journey that no one ever expected me to go on. The PTSD, the depression, the agoraphobia and the debilitating anxiety/panic attacks all work in concert to hold me down. I there was a poster, I’d be the poster-person for mental illness. Every step I take in life is like riding a constantly rising and falling wave of crazed panic that leaves me feeling like I’m about to die; and, it never ends. It’s relentless. I'm either walking through the crazy, thinking I’m about to die and possibly shitting my pants, or waiting for the crazy to find me. I’m the Sisyphus of crazy town, pushing a boulder of insanity around that's going to crush me to death the second I lose my grip.
This is my life because I saved a life. I can’t change it. I can only accept it. Sure, saving a life should be more fun, but this is my life and I fight the crazy boiling inside me by saying: SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS GOING TO HAPPEN; and surrounding myself with people who affirm me, love me and believe in me.
My mental illness is what makes me an incredibly beautiful, textured, bad ass human being; and, it’s what connects me to my power!
There's no shame in falling down or failing. That's when lessons get learned. That's the moment we find our courage to keep fighting.