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“Something Wonderful is going to happen!” I bring positive energy into my world when I say that phrase, and sometimes I need as much positive energy as I can get.

When I awoke from a week-long coma with a massive brain injury no one expected me to recover. I transcended this plain for a reason, though. When the doctors took my hope of ever having a normal life away from me I didn’t listen to them. I was completely lost. I mean, I was nineteen years old. I’d never been to this rodeo before. I wanted a happy ending, so that’s what I gave myself permission to have and by doing that I gave myself permission to heal. I didn’t have my voice, but I had a lot of doubt. Every step I take in life is filled with doubt. Every step. When I started saying Something Wonderful is going to happen to myself, it emboldened me and connected me with my courage. I might fall apart with every step I take in life, but I do it with confidence and grace and power and with the knowledge that something wonderful is happening! Perception might not be a lot for some people, but for me it’s everything. It’s infused my life with positive energy in the most difficult circumstances that have pushed me forward; and, every time I doubt myself people step into my world to share their beauty and love with me so that I can see my own.
Forgiveness guru Kenyon Aubin Oster seeks inspire others with his book Falling Out: A Memoir: Saving a Life Should be More Fun! If you’ve ever struggled with depression, tragedy, PTSD, betrayal, anger or suffered a life altering injury, let this book be an inspirational guide. Not only can you rise above the negativity, you can use positive energy to change your path. It’s not an easy road to travel, but this book is an important first step, and can be your guide and reference for inspiration to help you become a better version of yourself! Order your copy now!