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I was lost when I awoke from the week-long coma after saving my friend’s life, but I wasn’t lost as much as I hadn’t ever been to this rodeo before. Perception is everything. My journey became an experience, an adventure. I fell apart with every step I took, emotionally. I hit rock bottom more times than I can count, but I told myself something wonderful is going to happen. Every time I got back up to keep marching forward I said those words again and eventually I learned that I had an abundance of patience when it came to healing myself; and, I needed it. Healing one’s self takes work and patience and we all have the power to heal ourselves. That’s what this journey has taught me; and, thankfully I had the courage to go on this journey!

Forgiveness Guru Kenyon Aubin Oster seeks help and inspire others with his book Falling Out: A Memoir: Saving a Life Should be More Fun! If you have ever struggled with depression, tragedy, PTSD, betrayal, anger or suffered a life altering injury or experience, let this book be an inspirational guide for you. You have the power to rise above the negativity. You can change your life! This book is an important first step, and can be your guide and reference for inspiration to help you become a better version of yourself! Order your copy now!
"Not lost. Can't be lost if it's your first time at the rodeo. Be patient with yourself. "
"Healing yourself takes work and patience and commitment and determinations. Something wonderful is going to happen! "
"Patience sucks, but amazing things happen to those fortunate enough to believe in it."