Something wonderful is going to happen

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You are sparkly!” It’s what Deepak Chopra told me one night at a time in my life when I needed to hear it the most. Our interaction was very quick, yet it was just the reminder I needed to push me forward along my journey and help me reconnect with my power and my purpose. I started saying “something wonderful is going to happen,” again. It’s the phrase I use to summon positive energy into my world, restore my faith in humanity, give me hope, calm the crazy boiling inside of me, center me, change my perception of my life falling apart around me into a beautiful landscape that I can navigate, and prepare me for something wonderful to happen, be accepting of it. But the mental illnesses wreaking havoc on my life, the shame, and all the negativity that I allowed into my life had destroyed me. I stopped believing in positive energy. I started believing all the negative people who were in my life, and I gave up. I didn’t realize that positive energy was and is and always had been a self-fulfilling prophecy, so when I stopped believing in it I stopped believing in myself! Forgiving myself allowed me to embrace the something wonderful that is happening in my life and helped me accept the fact that I am worth it!

Positive energy helped save my life! It gave me the courage to walk through this life that constantly attacks and belittles my self-worth and self-esteem because I always feel like I’m losing my mind with every step I take. It gave me faith to keep moving forward and it gave me something to believe in! If you can’t feel your shine, remember that you’re sparkly. We’re all sparkly and when we shine together it’s breathtaking. You have the power to overcome adversity! Obstacles are just opportunities to grow and find your inner strength! All you need to do is access it and claim your something wonderful! Find your power! Claim your positive energy!

Be love because you are love!

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