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Don’t forgive and forget. Forgive and learn the lesson!

Get Your CopyRead Chapter One

Forgiveness? Hell YES!

When my friend sued me after I almost died saving her life, there wasn’t a good enough reason to ever forgive her, but after walking this journey through mental illness to forgiveness I am here to say that everybody deserves forgiveness. Everyone! Forgiveness is where healing begins and it’s an agreement with yourself that you’re ready to heal. Don’t forgive and forget, though! Forgive and let the negativity go. Forgive and learn the lesson. Forgive and move forward. Forgive and grow. Forgive and reach a new level of self-awareness and understanding and become more present with yourself.

Meet Kenyon

When Kenyon Oster reached out to stop his friend from falling off the balcony of New Orleans’ highest gay bar, he wasn’t thinking about falling out of the closet with a bang. He was only hoping to save his high school friend’s life. In addition to doing both of those things, he also sustained a life-altering massive brain injury with permanent damage and wound up being sued by the friend he saved who almost killed him when she landed a top him on Bourbon Street. Oster’s selfless, split-second decision changed the trajectory of his life; and, the two things that helped him bounce back and fight through the mental illness to find closure and acceptance are: forgiveness and positive energy.

More Than A Memoir

Falling Out: A Memoir: Saving a Life Should Be More Fun! is a book about bringing positive energy into your life, embracing forgiveness, and honoring your goodness. Forgiveness Guru Kenyon Aubin Oster chronicles his struggles with anger, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, mental illness and many other obstacles in his personal journey. This book is not only a memoir, but a personal self-help book, and guide for improving your own way of life. Everyone goes through hardships, but not everyone is able to rise above them. Let this memoir inspire you to honor your goodness, and rise above life’s challenges. Sitting with negativity? Can’t forgive? Read Kenyon Oster’s inspiring memoir and free yourself!

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