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Forgiveness? Hell yes! Everybody deserves forgiveness! When my friend sued me after I almost died saving her life I had no intention of ever forgiving her. Saving her life left me with permanent brain damage that the doctors didn’t believe I’d ever recover from. When I awoke from the week-long coma they let me know that for the rest of my life I’m going to feel like I’m losing my mind at any given moment. I was a nineteen-year-old zombie, trapped inside myself without my voice. I couldn’t process or articulate my feelings or needs, yet I had to find clarity in the internal chaos of my mental illnesses. I couldn’t articulate it, but all I knew was that I was going to have a happy ending! I wasn’t going to let the doctors take that away from me, so I say something wonderful is going to happen to push me forward along my journey and conjuring that positive energy connected me with my power and my resilience to fight and the courage to give myself the permission to heal.
I’ve been lost. I’ve been helpless. I’ve felt hopelessness. I’ve been dead. I’ve been overwhelmed by shame and almost let it destroy me, but everything in life that has happened to me has brought me to this level of awareness and that is my something wonderful. The only reason I ever had to forgive my friend was to honor my goodness. It’s the only reason anyone ever needs to forgive someone else. When I forgave her I learned the lesson, changed my energy, freed myself from the negativity and changed my life. By honoring my goodness, I honor her goodness and break the cycle of negativity. Forgiveness is closure for me, it’s an agreement with myself that I’m ready to move forward along my journey to new adventures!

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Kenyon Oster - Forgiveness Author in Brooklyn, NY
Kenyon Aubin Oster, Forgiveness Guru

A Forgiveness Memoir and Guide to Honor Your Goodness