The long lost Williams sister, Sabrina Laverne Williams, pursuing her dreams of being a world famous star one match at a time.  The first time Kenyon Oster performed in drag he wore 6 inch stilettos.   He loves drawing up when he has the occasion, but he swore he’d never don another pair of uncomfortable heels again, and then in the same week he watched an episode of a Tina Fey’s 30 Rock discussing race in America and met Sabrina Williams, who was lovely and charming and sweet.  That’s the genesis of Sabrina LaVerne Williams, and the first time he brought her to life the makeup artist at Bloomingdales admitting to doing makeup for the Williams family when they’re in NYC.  The middle name LaVerne is a nod to Penny Marshall for the many ways she inspired him and for the character she played on a sitcom.  

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